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Have you prayed for direction to bridge the gap

between where you are and where you desire to be?

Do you have a deep longing to KNOW your lifes calling

and to be surrounded by support to fulfill it?

Are you ready to uncover your natural gifts and abilities

beyond the mundane experience of daily survival?

Are you tired of watching others live their dreams

This is your opportunity to spend intimate time with Dr. Vikki Johnson who is living the Soul WealthManifesto in every area of her life. You will receive support clarifying your vision and bringing it to life through various outlets. In addition, you will have access to Dr. Johnsons resources and relationships that will serve to elevate your vision and ultimately your life.

We will work together to eliminate the things that have you stuck!

We will identify ways to monetize your vision and leverage your gifts!

You will learn to align with your God consciousness to release attachments and live in a space of trusting God!

Learn secrets to optimize body,soul, spirit wellness!

Learn tools to activate perpetual forgiveness!

You will experience the FREEDOM of taking a stand for YOU so that others respect the boundaries you set!

3: SoulGrowth Spiritual Mentorship Program (12 months)

1 Shiftshaping For YourSoulVIP Full Day at six months