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Wealth Academy Review can you really make up to $8,000 a day?

I stumbled on this program while looking for something else, and the sales video caught my attention.

In the first few seconds of the video, the narrator claims that some people, with no previous online experience, can make from $1,500 a day, sometimes up to $3,500 and even up to $8,000 a day.

Imagine that!!! $8,000 a day, that ends up being $2.9 million dollars a year!!!

Wouldnt that be sweet! However, I have high doubts that this is just a big hype!

Lets find out what Wealth Academy is all about.

If you are already suspicious and want to skip ahead, I can say right away that I do not recommend this program and that I advise you to stay away.

If you do want to know how I make my wealth online, I invite you to check out my method by clicking on the button below. It will bring you to a new tab and it will explain how I make real and honest money online!

Owner: Richard No last name? No way of knowing who is behind this program!

In this new program, I found that the sales video is very similar to older programs I have seen before. They tell the same story. Its about someone who loses their job, they cant support their family anymore until they meet an old friend who has a secret method that has solved all their money problem and is now making a boatload of money with this very secret method. Evenwhile they sleep!

What did stand out from the rest of the ones from todays online programs trend is the fact that the narration is sub-scripted only! No images, no bank account screenshots, nothing, just plain text all the way.

If you are here, its because, like me, you thought that the money claims the narrator tells are way too good to be true. So, its a good thing that you took the time to research this program before you actually bought it!

Scams and very low-quality programs to make money online are coming out every day.

Its a common thing to see these programs selling their get-rich-quick method. So, lets find out if this one is any different.

I watched the sales video in its entirety and here is my opinion:

First, who is this Richard? When a program does not reveal who the real owner is, that is myfirst red flag.

We have no idea who the owner is or if the sad story he tells on the sales video is real.

His sad story starts by him being laid off and that he was worried about being broke and living on the streets, and then 10 seconds later he says that he was buying one online course after another to no avail, until he ran into his old-co-worker Mike who had made it in the online business, and showed him how to do the same with his secret way calledAffiliate Marketing.

Well, wasnt I surprised! I have been in business for years using Affiliate Marketing and I never made $8,000 in a day! So I continued listening to his story to see what I have been missing all along!

Turns out that I already knew that he was only hyping his story to sell his program, but I finished the video anyway

So, mysecond red flagis the money-making claims. These Get rich quick programs are pretty much all the same. They use peoples emotions and tell them how they too struggled until they found this secret method of striking it rich. The narrator (lets call him a narrator since we have no idea who is really talking) says that people that have no experience are making up to $8,000 per day using their system for just 2 hours a day at your computer

Thethird red flagI found is the all-done-for-you autopilot income system he talks about. Sorry, but that kind of system does not exist. This is just another tactic to get you in and pay up front, without even knowing what you are buying.

Thefourth red flagis Hurry, this offer can be gone tomorrow another tactic to get people to be rushed in before its too late. Let me tell you that if you check next month, this offer will still be there.

Weary about all the red flags? Want a real method that isNOT a get-rich-quick scheme? Then check out the way I make money online by clicking the button below:

Basically, its a program that teaches you Affiliate Marketing using Amazon as an affiliate.

I will be completely honest with you here. I did not purchase the program.

I have seen a lot of these programs in the past and with all the red flags that came up within minutes of watching this sales video, obviously, I did not waste my time and money purchasing something that has no value to me.

I did, however, research the product, and this review is based on my personal opinion from the research I did.

I will say this right away though.It is NOT a scam.

I would call this one a training that you can find anywhere on the internet for free or a lot cheaper by going onUdemy.

They have thousands of training for as low as $9.95 that will teach you a lot for the small price. The best part, you dont have to pay for upsells to get access to all the training.

So, to get back to Wealth Academy, you do get some training for your money. But as soon as you pay the first $24.95, you will be taken to upsells after upsells to gain access to better or faster ways to make money with this program. This is typical for every hyped-up programs I have seen before!

First off it looks a lot like other programs I have reviewed in the past likeThe AZ codeandThe AZ formula.

They will show you how to market products from Amazon and earn a commission from it by using strategies and methods that they enumerate inside their training. You will be taught the basics of affiliate marketing and how it works.

There are also sections about how to get traffic to your website using different methods from social media with Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter.

The thing about Amazon though is that it is very possible to make money promoting their products since it is the biggest store online and it has a very reliable reputation.

However, to make $8,000 per day in your bank account, at their highest paying commission rate (which is 10%), you would need to sell approximately $80,000 in products per day!

Here is a breakdown of the actual commission rates that Amazon pays out to its affiliates:

2.0% for televisions and digital download games

2.5% for computers, computer components, DVD and Blu-Ray

4.5% for paper books, healthcare, personal care, sports, kitchen, car, and baby products: 4.50%

5.0% for digital music and video downloads; grocery items, handmade items or musical instruments

6.0% for headphones, beauty products, musical instruments, business, and industrial supplies

7.0% for clothes and accessories, Amazon TVs, Amazon Echo products and jewelry

8.0% for furniture, lawn and garden, home improvement, pantry and pet products

10.0% for Amazon fashion items and Amazon Coins

Most other categories will earn affiliates a four percent (4%) commission, while Amazon gift cards and wine do not pay any commission.

So, to bring it back to reality, if you do promote a product on Amazon, you will most probably end up in the 4% range, meaning that in order to make $8,000 in a day in commissions, you will need to sell for $200,000 in Amazon products in a single day!

Again, Im not saying its impossible, but really, with a new website? You would be lucky to sell $80 a day (which would bring you about $3.20) when you are just starting out, and you would have to promote your website as heck to get the traffic needed to sell the promoted products, so all the money made would go in promotion

So basically, yes you will get some training on how to get an Amazon Affiliate account and promote their products, and you may even make some money with it. But I can assure you that you will NOT make $8,000 per day just starting out! It just doesnt work that way and can call that claim a plain lie!

60 days money back Guarantee because its sold on ClickBank

The income making claims are very unrealistic and way too much hyped!

It will take a LOT of traffic to your website in order to be able to make the kind of money they claim that you can make.

Upsells will set you back at least $300 if you buy them.

I will let you decide. What I did here was brought in my own personal experience with these kinds of programs, so it is now up to you!

I personally did not even try it because of all the reasons I enumerated in this article.

I have been online for over 26 years, but only started using the Internet as a money-making method about 5 years ago, and I have been a victim of programs like this often. However, I found a real and honest way to build an online business from the foundation up about 3 years ago. They have thought me how to create a lucrative website to make money online. It doesnt matter what you have as experience, this platform is so much more than just a training platform, its a community!

If you want to make money with Affiliate Marketing, this place will show you the way, without the hype of these low-quality programs.

However, once you have the foundation of your online business set up and have published your high-quality content constantly, things will start to grow, and it will keep on growing.

Its a matter of consistency and continued effort, just like any other brick and mortar business out there.

Click on the link below and start your own online business forFREE(NO credit card or obligation) and get 2FREEwebsites along with the training to get you going alsoFREE.

What are you waiting for go and check it out, click the link below!

May I also offer you my FREE eBook The 4-step method Toward Success.

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The Secret Affiliate Review is it possible to make $937 per day?

12 thoughts on Wealth Academy Review can you really make up to $8,000 a day?

I am all about affiliate marketing. Problem is, like you pointed out above, many think it is a get rich quick method when in reality it is simply something to build alone side your other work. Great read and will be checking out your recommendations

Those get rich quick methods are just plain lies and hyped up stories. It is important to give the brand newbie a way of knowing that affiliate marketing is not a push a button and get rich kind of thing. It is a legitimate way of making money online, but it takes dedication and hard work.

You make a very important point never fall for the get rich quick promises! They are definitely always over-hyped. As with ANY business, it takes time and hard work to get the results and rewards that follow 🙂 Thanks for reviewing Wealth Academy it has certainly given me some clarity on what they are all about.

My goal for this website is not to bring down anyone or any programs, but to tell the truth! And when Icame across this one, I had to tell it as it is:

Not a scam, since you do get something for the money you pay, but a training that you can find anywhere on the internet for free

And then to make certain people understand how much sales on Amazon it would take to make $8,000 per day!

Well that will always draw the newbies in wont it making $2.9 million dollars a yearshame that like most programs that promise the worldthere are so many red flags floating around it!

Im really glad that you covered the shady nature of the owner of this product as all too often they get away with this sort of thing. As you rightly point out Richard could be just about anyone, especially seeing as he/she doesnt include his last name.

I was wondering if there was any refund policy with this opportunity is it a Clickbank product or a more indie offering?

Yes, as Isaid in the Pros and Cons, being a ClickBank product, it has a 60 days money back guarantee, which is one of the Pros I found.

As far as the shady nature of the product, well, we dont have to look very deeply into it to see that this program is promoted in a way that it makes it too good to be true!

In this industry, it is possible to make a lot of money, but not for someone with no experience and just starting out.

As you have shown there are way too many red flags and the red flags we see everywhere yet continue to suck people in. What boggles my mind is that people flock to these sites with eyes closed and dollars dancing in their dreams.

Get real people. This guy is probably not what he says he is and you are so right the 8,000 a day is a stupid statement.

There certainly are many red flags and that is the main reason Idecided to expose this program.

And Iagree, to make $8,000 on Amazon, you would need to sell, at their best commission rate of 10%, $80,000 worth of products in a single day! Like Isaid in my article, it is not impossible, but VERY UNLIKELY for someone just starting out.

Your post got me thinking that after someone has been checking out possible money-making opportunities and various things on offer on the Internet, it must get fairly easy to see the red flags that the more blatant scams use. The problem is, of course, that the very things that are scammy are also very effective in tempting people who are not as careful about researching the possibilities or who are very new to the whole idea of making money online.

Getting burned helps you learn, I suppose, but reviews like yours that help other people pick up on the inconsistencies and the downright lies is a way better way to get smart.

I totally agree! Instead of getting burned, people should do some research and find out if it really is too good to be true before buying in these low-quality programs. Its actually the main purpose of this website, to help people find their way instead of getting burned. Ihave been burned in the past, and I am using my experience to tell people the real thing!

Being an Amazon affiliate, I know $8000 a day is quite a reach. Some of the most successful amazon websites make only in the high thousands at most. It took many Amazon Affiliates months if not a couple of years to even get to that point.

On top of that, like you mentioned, the odds of having the best case scenario of reaching a 10% commission on a sale seems very unlikely because you dont know what people are going to buy on Amazon.

Although I have seen a $250,000 watch being sold on Amazon. If that person can sell one of those a day, they can make that $10000.

You make a very good point there Jessie, and I have said it in my review, it is not impossible but very unlikely for someone just starting out to make that kind of money.

That being said, how often would someone buy a $250,000 watch? probably as often as someone with no experience would make $8,000 in a day on Amazon. 🙂

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