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It is a regular prayer that God should bless one in all aspects of life. I have taken a thorough look at the reasons being given by ladies for their promiscuity. Some would say, I became promiscuous because he failed in his responsibilities in that the guy failed to provide the needed shelter(accommodation), correct balanced diets and inability to trip her.

However, another school of thought would say that their reason for being promiscuous is the inability of the guy to perform either averagely or a little above average on the bed. They would say despite being comfortable they cannot afford to miss the real thing (sexual intercourse ) with their guys at the highest level. So, they could probably go out with a poor guy that has high libido for sex.

The simple question is now if given the two  riches and high libido which one would our ladies go for?

[move][/move]Options of enormous wealth or high libido take one![move][/move]m):2:33pmOnJun 04,2005- Do you mean riches withzerolibido versus libido with zero riches?

– Or do you mean riches with average libido vs. high libido with middle-class income?Mr Administrator, of the first option high libido with zero riches or riches with zero libido. The other option is for other times.sowwie oh….id choose both…yea..yea…im greedy

hmnn this is tight! I really cant imagine my guy being bad in bed despite all his money! I also cant imagine him being good in bed with no doe! ha! God help us..

if he doesnt satisfy me in bed & I look elsewhere for satisfaction, people will say am promiscuous, I would want to be a faithful wife so God.. let him have a very high LIBIDO plsssssss!

about money, one needs that to sustain a marriage or relationship so……….May that not be abscent o!

all am saying in effect is that! its hard to choose libido & let go money or choose money & let go libido!

wow these are really too extremes, if the guy is too wealthy, he is most likely to be a player. if he is too full of sexual energy then he is addicted to sex and will also grave sex often to the point that he would look elsewhere to satisfy himself (just like Halle Barrys ex husband.) she was apparently the most gorgeous human being on earth

but she could not contain her man or rather her ex found his sexual fullfillment outside the marriage with numerous women. that is why the woman is traumatised and vouched never to get married again

. Anyway the point is that given the choice i would choose neither. i would not need a wealthy guy because i plan to make it big myself

. and i do not need a guy that would break my back every day

Sorry oh! But didnt someone here say something aboutno premarital sexon another page?All that glitters is not gold!!! I would love a man for who he is and not for what he has. The only constant thing in this life is change so if he is not rich today, he would be tomorrow. If you should go in for a rich guy, then you must be prepared to share him and his wealth with other ladies.

And as chigszy rightly said, there is no need going in for a back breaker. Sex isnotthe most important thing in a relationship.m):5:06pmOnJun 09,2005What is the most important thing in a relationship?f):8:28pmOnJun 09,2005seun:

What is the most important thing in a relationship?

…. definitely a regular guy!f):10:56pmOnJun 10,2005I want both! I want both!!11:24pmOnJun 11,2005I want both but if both options were to be critically examined, then I would say, um … money.

Dont call me longthroat oh, but if the guy handle you on top of your [I]hungry-belle[/I], na doctor go end am.f):3:10pmOnJun 13,2005stababy:

I want both but if both options were to be critically examined, then I would say, um … money.

Dont call me longthroat oh, but if the guy handle you on top of your [I]hungry-belle[/I], na doctor go end am.

I love eating my cake and having it. So lets go with both.

Difficult to s high libido only means hes got the drive/voracious appetite for sex. This doesnt mean hes good in bed.

Monotonous sex is as good as no sex. Even if d question is restructured. Ill still go for the Rich guy…

omg…libidos has kept the ladies coming, not the riches. But the riches play along before the libidos come…I think I need both for the calibare of babes i go for….I need the money for classy babes and the libidos for keeping them coming back.waohhhhhh !! i think i have the 2 so what do ladies in the house say

i say : nice topic you created . . you have a nice username too by the way rhymes with ajasco + pa john

hey i have both… but i dont want any woman for ever…, howz dat huh….?

u women are soo soo soo greedy…..,u never get satisfied nomatter what.

who says if u even have both u gonna be satisfy……

ifm the wealthy guy dont want me he wanna used me and dumpt me

Let us look critically at this question. Money or sex?

Money is good, and it keeps the relationship healthy even when there is bad sex involved. but the truth is that money is only enjoyed for a phase. When that phase is over, you begin to get tired of it, and desire more from your man. At that point, you will want to try to change your man, communicate with him, and tell him what he should do to you in bed.

However, being the rich guy that attracts so much attention from ladies, (because ladies go after rich guys mostly because of their money) he may definitely not have the time to give you all the attention you desire socially, physically, sexually, romantically and otherwise. This singular act will undoubtedly make the woman look else ware for that attention.

So you see, money is good, but the inevitable future of having it abundantly without the side attraction is what should be feared.

On the other hand, a man that knows how to turn you on and eventually fulfilling your sexual needs is 100% different from just having sex. Too much of sex isnt seen as fun anymore for the ladies. An average lady out there mostly desire an average man, okay in bed, with a promising future, as long as he will be able to give you 80% of what women wants, Love Sex and Money.

What i am saying in essence is that choosing money and high libido, i will go for money, because i sure cant stand a man that is always sex hungry, and Will want to have it many times a day. i will eventually faint. infact, i will run away from that house. But if you say i should choose between riches and a man that is absolutely good in bed, then i will choose the later.f):4:30pmOnJul 23,2010Both are important in every relationship. I cant imagine poverty in my life (God forbid bad tin!) and neither can I imagine a lulu in my bed (oh my! Unimaginable!!)

I have my own money so I dont depend on any man for money. But, am sorry Im very careful of spending my money on a man (most men take advantage of that). So, he has to pay for the outings, vacations and stuff. He has to be comfortable, at least a very stable and nice income to be able to provide all this.

Secondly, libido is very good O! I cant imagine a 2mins-in bed-man. Its just never going to work for me! Haba! Which kai love be dat! I go run as fast as my leg go carry me.

this thread is so reasonable, thumbs up to you poster

both are very important o! money without libido is suffering in silence

and libido without money is suffering in the open

coz d children go just plenty yakata with kwashiokwor

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