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There are many reasons for choosing International Banking. You might be looking for services that arent available through your local bank, or maybe youre looking for a secure location for your money. International Banking offers you:

At Barclays International Banking, we offer you bespoke world-class services, underpinned by a long heritage of pioneering British banking. Well bring you:

Weve been managing money for our clients for over 325 years. Were a globally recognised organisation offering banking, savings and investment products that may not be available to clients locally, in a wide range of currencies.

With international banking, youll have access to expertise from across Barclays – one of the largest financial services groups in the world.

Were here to help you achieve your financial ambitions – through our service executives1and relationship managers2well review3your finances, create a tailored plan and help you manage your wealth.

Barclays International Banking is here to help you. We have a range of products and services to help manage your finances internationally.

Make your money grow with the right savings account

Instant access accounts or fixed term deposits – we have a range of saving options for you to choose from.

Investments solutions to help you grow your wealth

When you put your money in someone elses hands you want to be sure that it is safe and expertly managed.

A quick, easy-to-use FX service that lets you trade in up to 60 currencies, and keep on top of the risks posed by currency fluctuations.

We give you worldwide access to your money 24/7

To find out how we can help you make the most of your international finances or to open an account4- call us on+44 (0)1624 684316*orchat to us.

You can get in touch with our Service Executives through our international toll free number +800 800 88885, please replace the + with your countrys exit code. Alternatively call +44 (0) 1624 684444. Toll free numbers may not be available in some countries. Charges will apply when dialling the alternative number. When dialling the toll free number from a mobile, charges may apply. Please check with your service provider.

The Individual Review aims to capture and update information about your financial goals and what is important to you. This may result in our Service Executives being able to provide further information to you on additional products and services. Please note that not all products and services, including the Individual Review, are available in all jurisdictions and some are available on a limited basis only, due to local regulatory and legal requirements. Please note our Service Executive team does not provide financial advice.

Relationship management is available for clients who maintain at least 100k or currency equivalent with us (threshold maybe increased dependent on jurisdiction or other factors). If you have savings or investments in currencies other than sterling, well work out the sterling equivalent by using the exchange rate that applies at the time we do the calculation.

International Banking is available if you have 25,000 (or currency equivalent) to deposit and maintain across your accounts.

The products and services described on this page are provided by Barclays Bank Plc in London, Isle of Man and Jersey and by Barclays Bank UK Plc. For more information, please read theimportant informationpage.

Call costs may vary – please check with your telecoms provider. Calls may be recorded so that we can monitor the quality of our service and for security purposes.