Our level 1 membership is designed specifically for Widows and single parents. We understand that life happens but that does not mean that everything must collapse. This membership has an increased focus on budgets, saving for short-term goals, paying debt, and a detailed plan for saving for big goals.

Our level 2 membership is designed for the everyday person and family looking to enhance their financial future. This membership focuses on budgeting and savings plan, retirement planning, and credit consultation.

This plan focuses on establishing the business structure, budget, saving plan, business and marketing plan review, and business credit consultation.

Upon agreeing to the terms of the membership agreement and submission of payment, the new member will gain access to their client portal within 24 hours. Within the portal, the member will have the ability to submit their current budget or complete the budget template. Once the budget has been submitted, the member will be prompted to schedule a follow-up appointment. If preferred, the creation of a budget may be developed during the initial appointment, but you must submit 60 to 90 days of your bank transaction history prior to your appointment.

Forty-eight hours following submission of the budget, a customized budget will be uploaded to the members portal.  The member will need to schedule a budget review appointment no later than 72 hours after accessing their customized budget. The budget review appointment will be conducted in person or video conference between the hours of 8am to 6pm central standard time. Limited appointments are available on Saturday.

During the budget review appointment, the WEA representative will review the customized budget and discuss areas of opportunity to reduce or increase cash flow, in addition to establishing financial goals and plan. Upon discovery of an opportunity to reduce or increase cash flow, the member can choose to speak with a Wealth Education Academy Partner.

Module 4 Financial Products including Employee Benefits

Module 5 Leveraging financial products

The book contains information on how to budget and save, develop good financial habits, credit management, how to leverage financial products, and prepare for retirement.

The workshop is a live presentation of module 1-3 of the Wealth and Legacy workbook, a copy of the workbook, and a 3 month membership to Wealth Education Academy. To schedule a workshop for your organization