is the possession of a large amount of money, property, or other valuable things. You canto a particular persons money or property as their

Economic reform has brought relative wealth to peasant farmers.

good qualities or things, you areemphasizingthat they have a very large number or amount of them.

The city boasts a wealth of beautiful churches.

a large amount of money andvaluablematerialpossessions

all goods andserviceswithmonetary, exchangeable, orproductivevalue

much money or property; great amount ofworldlypossessions; riches

the state of having much money or property;affluence

everything havingeconomicvaluemeasurableinprice

anyusefulmaterial thingcapableof beingboughtsold, orstockedfor

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They arelookingatarchivestoseeif hiswealthtaxin.

questionnairethatmatchesthem withthreewealth managers they canspeakto at anagreedtime.

Thefindwas atotesthow good wealthare at making money for theirclients.

He wasfocusednot just oninequalitiesinincomeand earnings, but also inequality in wealth.

Inreturn, the wealth managerbenefitsfrom having more.

There has beenspeculationthat heinsovereignwealthfundsto buy out the Mistry family.

If all youneedishelpwith yourinvestments, a wealth manager may be morecost-effective.

Herenthusiasmfor the city and wealth ofknowledgeisevidentassoonas wemeether.

will thereforecompetefor theopportunityto bring in wealth and economic activity.

What istrueof the inequality of wealth also holds for income inequality.

Macrosociology: An Introduction to Human Societies

Infrastructurefunds and sovereign wealth funds arestillon theprowl.

Thesehugepricerisescan steadilyerodethe value of your wealth.

Wealth is relative until you havewealthyrelatives.

Theevidencesofaris that these sovereign wealth funds areaspassiveinvestors.

Some wealth managers wouldaskfor considerably more than that.

Where is thegrandeurthatcomeswith great wealth and power?

The wealthimbalanceis also more and moreserious.

The wealth or value ofassetsof theorganizationat a point in time.

Nowwealth managers are anestablishedpart of thefinancialworld.

Ofcourseit brings wealth andfameand it is great togettheadulationthat comes your way.

Wealth was something to beparaded, with itspurposesaswellaspleasures.

These fundsrepresentthe wealth of the sovereign – him.

There is not muchdifferencebetween a sovereign wealth fund and the sovereigns wealth fund.

Wealth is something that we are allencouragedtoaspireto,rightlyor wrongly.

Thisoptioncould bring with it a wealth ofexpertiseand a, that may besome of yourequityfor.

In every well-governed state, wealth is asacredthing; indemocraciesit is the only sacred thing

It iseasierfor acameltogothrough theeyeof aneedle, than for a rich man toenterthekingdomofGod

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