Our Jumpstart Coaching program gives you a peek behind the curtain to see how we determine if the opportunities we find are a DEAL or NO DEAL so you can learn from our expensive mistakes and years of experience.

That way, youre able to make better decisions about deals youre finding to maximize the opportunities abundant in this highly profitable niche, even if youre brand new.

Includes 3 hours of online training modules at your finger tips 24/7. Learn key players you need to have on your team, how to create lists of ideal off-market sellers building and other insider secrets

Get the proforma spreadsheet we use to determine Deal or No Deal that does the math for you and scripts that give you the EXACT WORDS you need to effectively approach off-market sellers with confidence even if youre a novice

Each week, you have a front row seat to learn how we find and evaluate deals, including the precise logic we apply to determine if its a deal, no deal or listing. Plus LIVE Q & A to get answers to your burning questions as you implement the new stuff youre learning.

Ask questions of Thach, Marc & Stephanie between calls and be surrounded by a community of focused, abundance minded people

Because it takes time to really get a handle on the ins and outs of this business, weve designed the Jump Start membership program to be a 12 month commitment. Imagine where your business can be a year from now by being exposed to 52 weeks of expert training and behind the scenes tips, strategies and tactics. Feel confident knowing weve got your back through a full year of expanding your skills set to include this highly profitable niche so you can maximize the opportunities that cross your path.