Join thousands that have attended the Longest Running Wealth Protection Event in the Nation!

Meet privately with asset protection, tax & estate planning attorneys. Strategize with real estate, stock, and other investors. Learn the techniques used by ultra-high net worth individuals for creating and building wealth.

All materials will be provided for you. (Including a take home manual with slide by slide documentation of the education so you wont miss a thing!)

meet with some of the nations top attorneys and advisors one-on-one

at no extra charge. It may help to review your current assets, tax strategies, business entities, etc so that you can be fully prepared to discuss your situation with the experts.

Official Event Agenda availableHERE(PDF viewer may be required)

Remember this is a sample agenda only and although we dont expect any drastic changes to the lineup sometimes flights are delayed, people get sick and other uncontrollable events happen. Basically we cant guarantee anything except that you WILL learn a lot and you WILL be amazed at the quality of experts, one-on-one strategy sessions and things you wish you would have learned years ago!

Rooms are booked on a first-come-first-served basis and do typically fill up.

Nationally recognized asset protection attorney and real estate investor.

Former Senior IRS Trial Attorney, Author, Tax Attorney.

Successful real estate investor, millionaire, mentor and turn key real estate.

Market Strategist/Trainer, ​with decades investing, trading and training.

Markets Trainer and Investor with decades experience in the financial industry.

Author and Trainer with ​hands on experience helping thousands understand asset protection.

Investor, Trainer & Mentor in the mega-trend of senior assisted housing.

A leader and entrepreneur who has helped thousands earn more by teaching sound financial ​strategies and cutting-edge techniques.

I lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because I wasnt properly structured.If I had implemented these strategies I would have saved myself a lot of heartache and years of struggle. Thank you for opening my eyes and setting me straight. I can sleep easy at night knowing my assets are now protected.

This information is invaluable!! You are right,no one cares about our money like we do. This information will allow us to sleep at night and continue on our wealth creations journey. Thank you!!

Absolutely Great! Extremely informative. All staff were helpful, positive and enthusiastic!

Whether you use a trusted attorney, accountant or adviser to manage your finances, it pays to understand exactly what is happening with your hard earned money. Dont leave the success of your estate plan to someone else. Make sure you know exactly how to protect your assets, reduce taxes and create wealth. Who needs Asset Protection Academy? Medical Doctors, Small Business Owners, Real Estate Investors, Dentists, Estate Planning Attorneys, Financial Planners, CPAs and Accountants, Franchisers, Manufacturers, Stock Market Investors, Home owners, Wealth Managers and anyone trying to create and protect their wealth! Use an LLC, Corporation, Living Trust or other entity to protect what matters most and let us know how we can help!