It may come as a surprise to fans, but most of the stars ofdo not rely on the show as their main source of income. There is little doubt that the cast members make a decent amount of money from the series, but none of their lives revolve around theworld of reality TV. Some of the cast members own and operate their own businesses while others have inherited wealth from family members. But which

Did a podcast with my friend and movie producer @randallemmettfilms we talk about when @caconover had a small part in his Bruce Willis movie and other funny things. Hes contagiously passionate about life. This is a good pod! Called enough about me with shep rose.

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When it comes to work, Rose is probably the most diverse of all theSouthern Charmcast. Rose has tried his hand in a number of different trades, including restaurants, fashion, and other types of investments. Two of his most profitable ventures are his own clothing line, Shep Gear, and the various bars he owns around Charleston. He also just started his own podcast. In total,Shep Roseis worth around $4 million, most of which he earned outside ofSouthern Charm.

Slightly ridiculous photo with @relationshep @krollthewarriorking, but a great night nonetheless. Many thanks to Mom @pataltschul for throwing a great party!

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Southern Charmfans have noticed thatWhitney Sudler-Smithsname is prominent in the shows opening credits. This is because Sudler-Smith is the person who created the show and pitched the idea to Bravo. Apart from the entertainment business, Sudler-Smith tried to open a restaurant called Generalisimo with Bryan Kestner of Planet Hollywood. The project failed before getting off the ground and Sudler-Smith returned to producing full-time. He is currently worth around $2 million.

So excited to be in our first store! This has been a crazy few weeks but the launch went off without a hitch. Swanky Southern is an awesome store and we sold out in a little over an hour. Thanks to the great people of Camden for welcoming me and cant wait to be back in town in a couple weeks. Swing on by the store to get your Sewing Down South stuff now! @swankysouthernboutique

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Craig Conoversmain passion rests in the world of fashion. According toRomper, theSouthern Charmstar works full-time for his brand, Apex Principles, Inc., and is set to open up a new line of aprons, baby clothes, and pillows this year. When he is not sewing or coming up with a new fashion design, Conover has an interest in the law. In fact, Conover recently passed the South Carolina Bar and will likely open up his own law firm in the near future.

we ate a lot of ice cream after this bts @kensieandsaint

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Kathryn Dennisis the one person who relies mostly on the show for her primary source of income. Although Dennis has done modeling in the past, she recently revealed that she wants to pursue a new vocation in the near future. This might include getting more involved in politics or going to law school. She also started a childrens furniture line. Dennis is estimated to be worth around $800,000 and pulls down over $25,000 for every episode ofSouthern Charm.

Palmer is not happy Im taking a picture with DaDa. ‍️ Dress @shoplabeye

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As a Charleston native,Cameran Eubankshas built a successful career in the real estate industry. Although she plays an important part onSouthern Charm, Eubanks spends most of her time helping people find the home of their dreams. With a net worth at around $1.5 million, it is safe to say that Eubanks knows what she is doing and is passionate about her work.

Always good to have buddies who work at breweries around town. My man, @littlebigdreamsbrew , works at @revelrybrewing DT, and also moonlights as a @chsbrewscruise driver. @craftbeeryeti , who ALSO drives @chsbrewscruise , reached out, said he had some beers he recently acquired, and wanted to crack. Who are we to decline opportunities for R&D ‍️ Side note: now I know why production doesnt want us wearing stripes on charlestonbrewscruise revelerybrewing drinklocal

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Austen Krollis one of the newest members ofSouthern Charm, but he is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Before landing a spot on the popular series, Kroll worked at Red Hare Brewing Co. as a manager over sales. He left that job in the spring of 2017 and is now a full-time entrepreneur. He even launched his own beer, Trop Hop. It is unclear how much Kroll makes a year or what projects he has in the pipeline.

Thought Id run into a better crowd at the US Womens Open..

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Chelsea Meissnerspends most of her time working for Willow Salon, a company based out of Charleston. She supplements her income by advertising on her social media accounts and has seemingly landed an endorsement deal with Pepsi. Other than that, Meissner also gets paid for her appearances onSouthern Charm, though it is clearly not enough for her to quit her day job.

DisgracedSouthern CharmstarThomas Ravenelmade a name for himself in the world of politics and once ran for the United States Senate. It helped, of course, that politics runs in his family. Ravenel also works in real estate and has his own company called Ravenel Development Corporation. His estimated net worth is around $6 million, though he will no longer be earning a salary fromSouthern Charm.