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Whats happening my fellow real estate investors. Were talking about finding an agent, finding an A player overall. Were in secret nine, getting ready to go onto secret 10, in the home stretch. Great, Im throwing out some sports analogies out there for you as were headed into the home stretch here in finding A players in general. So, we talked a little bit about the agent that youre gonna be looking for, but really what I wanna get into this video and this is gonna be a little bit more hard hitting for you because Im gonna ask you, are you an A player?

Youre requesting that somebody else is gonna be an A player for you, are you the person thats valuable enough to consider yourself an A player for them or for them to consider you an A player for them as well. So, are you the person thats also gonna be following up on your deals? Even though theyre making your job easier, what can you do to make their job easier. At the end of the day, that mutual exchange in saving time one way or the other is also gonna save you money or make you money in the long run. Especially working with the type of people that you find really good symbiotic relationship, everythings clicking, everythings moving smooth, and even when you do come to a conflict, youre able to resolve it in a way thats valuable for both of you.

So again, are you the person that has your stuff together? Youve already gone through the first eight secrets. You know what youre looking for, what type of person you are. You know what you should be focusing on and what you should not be focusing on, what your criteria is, what your investor identity is.

I mean finding all this stuff, you even got your investors lined up, your buyers list. You got the deals coming in. Hopefully with lead flow. You got deals going out. Make sure youre doing your sales management, all that stuff.

And now, we havent gotten into deep dive on that stuff. Keith Boley goes into deep dive throughout the 10 secrets on that, and we go even deeper into the groups that we have inside REI Wealth Academy, whether thats the wholesale club, whether thats the lease option club or whether thats just the generic club that covers everything that you need to get started.

In any case, when youre delving into each of these things, you wanna make sure that youve done all the things. You dont necessarily need to be perfect, but you need to be a person that is trying and striving to play at that level thats going to allow you to progress, but also allow the person youre working with to progress along with you. So again, are you the valuable person that you are also asking of them? The door swings both ways when it comes to that after all. So with that, a little bit shorter video overall, but are you being the A player that you need to be when you talk to that A player that youre looking for?

This is John. Make sure you follow us on REI Wealth Academy at the blog. We got plenty of stuff up there. The 10 secrets up there in shortened version. Youve seen these videos. Make sure you get in REI Wealth Academy. Dive deeper with Keith Boley on level two stuff for the 10 secrets that we have.

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I know youre getting value from this, but if theres something else that you just know that we can just take it to the next level, let us know. I can change the format. I can make sure that I got better lighting, better audio, whatever the case might be to make sure these videos are better. Make sure the information that Im giving you is serving your needs.

Make sure that youre reaching out and engaging with us. Thats what we really want. Thats what we wanna hear. We wanna hear you guys successes. We wanna hear you guys failures, but then the instance that you got back up and that you move back and you took the next step, because again, youre deciding to be that valuable A player in your own business, in your own life. With that, this is John signing off.