Then you should attend our Global Wealth, Mindset & Passive Income Seminars

Our key speakers and coaches have used the passive income strategies and tools they teach at our global wealth creation seminars to grow their own wealth by creating various passive income streams. All have tried and failed and understand that you can only do better when you know better which is why they have dedicated themselves to training and teaching as many people as possible to create passive income with the strategies and tools they have perfected. Teaching you to create and achieve financial goals leading to a life of choice.

The most important step towards a life of choice financially lies in the clear strategy that will first move individuals from current financial status towards the next financial category in an easy achievable manner. The process starts with mindset, do you have mindset to create wealth? Personal development is key in creating this mindset, at our seminars we show you how to cultivate a positive frame of mind that will assist you not hinder you.

It goes without saying, the financial category you are in, needs to move from financial struggle to financial stability then onto independence and financial freedom… and finally, financial legacy.

This can be done in many different ways, but the surest way is that of aninvestors approach. When one considers the cash flow quadrant, consisting of the primary quadrants:

As theinvestor quadarantallows individuals to retain current active income, whilst building the investment portfolio plus allows indivduals massive leverage in many different forms, this strategy no doubt is the most powerful and most sure way.

Given the power of building passive income streams, Work Your Wealth, hosts a 3 hour global seminar calledACT & GROW RICH. This event is an introduction to passive income, what it is and how to create and earn it using various tools and strategies.

The 8 hour global seminar calledPASSIVE INCOME INTROfocuses on mindset, personal development, wealth creation, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, gold investment, investing in property and global market trading.

During the global wealth, mindset and personal development seminar, you will learn how to build your own strategy, explore the tools best suited for you, given your unique needs and situation. Create your own passive income streams and grow your wealth.

Work Your Wealth pride ourselves on bringing the most dynamic tools and strategies to our attendeess that have been tried and tested with remarkable results to those who choose to change their financial landscape.

Work Your Wealth is renowned for Passive Income strategies taught by trainers and speakers known to be the best globally in their respective fields, these include personal and wealth coaching, bitcoin and cryptocurrency, network marketing, market trading and property.

Financial freedom and a life of choice does not have to be a pipe-dream, it can be a reality if you choose it to be so. Make the choice, Make the change.Make the decision to start your journey to financial freedom today, take the first step and join us at our Passive Income Seminars in a city near you, to find out more about the tools and strategies you can have access to so you can build your wealth.

Topics of discussion at our global wealth creation seminars include:

Find out what Passive Income is, how to earn it with various streams and use these streams to build wealth.

Go to thePassive Incomepage for more information

What is Bitcoin and Crypto, choose a wallet and coins and finally learn how to mine bitcoin.

Investing in gold is affordable and you are able to hedge against inflation.

Go to theGold Investmentpage for more information

Find out how to avoid the pitfalls of owning and renting out property.

Go to theProperty Investmentpage for more information

Learn to trade on the global market in forex and commodities safely.

Go to theGlobal Tradingpage for more information

Learn to change your mindset by understanding how you feel about money and building wealth.

Conray Labuschagne- Owner & Founder of Work Your Wealth, Personal Trainer & Wealth Coach; Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker

Tony De Gouveia- Founder and Creator ofTUB(The Ultimate Business); Network Marketing Professional & Entrepreneur.

Rick Potgieter- As a successful trader Rick Potgieter has shared his knowledge of trading the global market as an independent trader with individuals since 2001.

Coert Coetzeeis the 1 Wealth Coach in South Africa with thousands of students applying his methods with great success all over the world.More…

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