Womanly Wealth Academy provides online coach training courses thatsupport the vision you have for your ideal career. Our completecoaching systems are done-for-coachessolutions that you can use immediately with your clients. We help you feel comfortable with the business of coaching, including every aspect of running your coaching business. We give you solutions to help you feel confident coaching. Whether you are new to coaching or a seasoned coach who is not as successful as you know you can be; let our programs guide you.

Our programs help you develop your gifts so that you can live authentic and real.

Every program offers you a certificate of completion that shows hours of study.

We use the Udemy E-Learning Platform to deliver our training at publicly affordable prices.

We know you are busy and these Programs have been meticulously created with your success in mind. This training is no-fluff essential information you need to succeed easily and quickly.

Our Founder and Director of Training and Development is also your Instructor; Louise Anne Maurice. Louise gives you the exact plan to succeed by providing you with done-for-you resources and must-know detail like no other.

You get insights and step-by-step instruction that show you how to coach your clients past limitations yet opens more opportunities for you. You also receive top-notch support from the Womanly Wealth Academy Team.

The Women Empowerment Coach Certification Program Curriculum is designed using a 2 pronged approach to Women Empowerment. The first is the unique holistic approach that Womanly Wealth Academy is known for and the second is the empowered approach that Empowerment Coach Academy is known for. Regardless of your gender, you are being trained to use this proprietary coaching method with your female clients.

Absolutely loved it. Very excited starting my journey as a coach in the holistic wellness industry. Thank you for a very well thought out and planned program. Easy to follow and hopefully my clients think that too.

Taking this course has helped me learn valuable lessons to help my clients with their financial struggles using great methods involving the left and right brains. Louise is a great teacher and shared lots of wonderful resources that we can incorporate into our financial coaching business.

A great course personally and for sharing my knowledge with clients. Powerful insights around every corner! Thank you.