Im mainly wondering because of the race.Think about whether you want love or a trophy. Dont just go looking for a targeted ethnic group. Marry a women whom you love. Your race wouldnt matter half as much as your religion. If youre a devout Muslim or Jew and shes Orthodox, then youll have a problem. Also be prepared to learn Russian if she doesnt speak English.

Again, Russian mail order brides are real. But theyre also a stereotype. Im Russian and married to a Filippino man. We have a great marriage based on love. I also have my own life and career apart from Russian wife.

You will uncover a preponderance of the sectors so much lovely females on the middle of all of the globals finest mega towns. You will uncover probably the most lovely Middle Eastern, Asian, English, Brazilian, et al females in London, NY, Rio and the gigantic new towns coming near 20 million populations because of functional pageant.

no, but don t tell that you are wealthy if you want a modest simple lady. there are lots of russian decent woman converted to Islam, looking for marriage. you should search on some Muslim sites.

well you might get lucky and find a 50yr old prostitute riddled with aids and heroin.

as for finding a decent russian girl for an arranged marriage

well you would probably stand more chance of winning the lottery without buying a ticket


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I heard that middle eastern women are the most beautiful in the world, is this true?

Anyone notice,U.S.women and some men jealous of Eastern European and Russian womens superiority share certain?

Just how do women agree to an arranged marriage?