Investing in your mental wealth helps to prevent mental illness and mental health issues by helping you to understand:

how and why you show up in the way you do, day to day

how to build your resilience and mental strength to better deal with lifes challenges

Mental health problems cost UK employers tens of billions in lost revenue every year asa result ofsickness, absence, loss of productivityandstaff turnover

The personal cost to sufferers and their family members is immeasurable

The Mental Wealth Academy aims to reduce the impact of mental illness on businesses, and on individualson a global scale by helpingthe populationinvest in their mental wealth

Its the source of mental health problems arising from negative patterns of thinking, behaviour and self-communication

These can be prevented through better self-awareness, self-communication, investment in self-development and the learning and application of essential life and leadership skills

Investing in your mental wealth gives you all of this and more