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He was a handsome guy. His eyes glowed like a turquoise sea. He had a nice figure, a charisma to give away, and a talent in logical reasoning. He was a computer expert who invented a new operating system for personal computers. But he did not back up his idea for years. One day, while []

The relationship is like a flower because we have to water her regularly. When we focus too much on ourselves, we dont water. We walk around the flower all the time, we rarely remember having it at all and maybe once a month well put some water on her to keep it from being said. []

When I woke up this morning, it was probably with left foot. I had a terrible dream in which I was fired from work, my girlfriend cheated me with my brother, and somebody robbed my apartment where I had a hidden tin with saved money in 15 years in my kitchen unit. That was only []

We are living lives that can be enjoyed and fulfilled but can also be downloaded to the bottom, torturing and destroying. What our emotional state damn much influences is the environment that surrounds us. And these are the people of most of us: family partners friends colleagues public people and other fellow citizens of the []

If you opened this article, youre interested in building self-confidence which is as strong as graphene, that is the most durable material known to humans. Congratulations to you because youre in the right place. „No matter where you came from, you can build yourself self-confidence, independent of your IQ, height, and skin color. Self-confidence, which []

Hello, man and also hello women :). I welcome you to my blog, which discusses how to be happier in life, healthier and more abundant in the broadest sense. Are you saying: Happier, healthier and more abundant? Dude, Ive read this or heard it a thousand times already! What else will you come up? Especially []

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