Financial experts often say that buying a boat is one of the worst wastes of money there is. Aside from the cost of the boat itself, boats are also very expensive to: insure, maintain and fuel (marine engines are serious gas hogs)and you also have to take things like dock fees and boating accessories into account. And on top of all that, most boat owners only use their boats a few times per year (usually during the summer months) and its easy to conclude that, with the exception of serious boating enthusiasts (or at least people who live in places where you can use it on a regular basis), most boat owners arent getting their moneys worth. Hence why people often say things like Boat: A hole in the water into which money is poured orBOAT:

So how do you instantly establish that a character is filthy rich? Show them in the possession of a luxury yacht thats easily worth several million dollars.

CompareUpper-Class Equestrian, since horses are also expensive to own and maintain, and so horseback riding for leisure is similarly used as a hobby for the wealthy.

An E-Trade commercial showing a guy partying on his huge yacht is capped off with the caption, The dumbest guy in high school just bought a boat, indicating that playing the stock market will make you rich enough to afford such a luxury.

commercials featuring the Old Spice guy: Hes on a boat. With Diamonds. And tickets to that thing you love.

shows that Bulma owns a yacht, hosting her birthday party on it.

movie, rich idiot Kuno decides to show off his wealth by inviting the cast on a trip on his new yacht. And promptly sails it into a cyclone, kicking off the plot.

: Practically a requirement for a comic about a super-rich supervillain.

: Subverted. Martine thinks hes bought a yacht with the Nobel prize money, but it turns out its merely a rental.

, Judge Smails is christening his new yacht, when Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield) shows up in his much larger boat. He then shoves his driver out of the way, put its engines into high gear, and tries to park near Smails party, causing much damage (andHilarity) in the process.

Hey, Smails! My dinghys bigger than your whole boat!

shows Bruce Wayne aboard a yacht along with several gorgeous, bikini-clad women.

The survivors use his yacht to escape in the end.

Lou exploits his knowlege of the future to become a billionaire. At the end of the film he is seen aboard a huge yacht named Violator.

Largo owns a yacht, the Disco Volante (Flying Saucer). Its front part is a detachable hydrofoil.

Le Chiffre is first seen playing poker aboard a yacht.

Bond is taken to theBig Bads hideout aboard a sailing yacht.

, theof the series of the same name, rich newspaper editor Lawrence Nolan invites Miss Brooks aboard his large motor yacht,

(and itsgender-flipped remake) kicks off when theRich Bitchfalls off her yacht and contracts a case ofEasy Amnesia.

. At the end Walter and the Sheiks grandson are laughing at the large yacht that one salesman sold Hub and Garth, which is now floating on their tiny pond.

: I see they spent my grandfathers money wisely.

one vignette involves a woman who keeps berating passing men not to traumatize women with sexual intercourse. She knows this because Im a medical doctor, I own a mansion and a yacht.

, Joe seduces Sugar Kane by pretending to be a millionaire with a yacht anchored offshore. Fortunately, Osborne, a real millionaire, is in love with Daphne (really Joes friend JerryDisguised in Drag), so while he takes Daphne for a night on the town, Joe sneaks Sugar into Osbornes yacht and pretends its his.

isLex Luthorswindling an old woman out of her fortune, and among the many things he obtained with it there is a huge yacht-complete with helipad, piano, top-of-the-line electronics, enough room to work on a plan that could destroy the American continent without feeling constricted…

film owns a yacht; its even where the climax occurs.

shows Dan Akroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis relaxing on a yacht only a short distance from shore.

shows the heroes owning a yacht and sailing off with an all female crew.

: Jordan Belfort owns a particularly big one, called

His own greed and selfishness sees it destroyed in a storm.

has a yacht (and a submarine) that he keeps in Miami harbor.

, Joe and his father are clearly wealthy enough to own boats nice enough to serve as mini-apartments that they move into after breaking up with their respective girlfriends.

You know you are a rich person if your friend asks you, Can I borrow your luxury yacht? You know you are very rich if you can answer, Yes. And you know you are richer than Croesus if you instead ask in return, Which one?

is alove-lettertoJames Bond, this was bound to show up somewhere.Ellis Billingtontakes itUp to Elevenwith the

, a yacht which is actually a demilitarized former Russian Navy

. Mike winds up owning a yacht in the first book, but its small enough that he can run it on his own and its essentially the only thing he owns. By

he and his team are using a yacht thats big enough to have a helicopter hangar on it, but its so ludicrously expensive hes just renting it for the operation.

, J. Washburn Stoker, who recently inherited a huge fortune, has what Bertie refers to as a whacking great yacht.

It later becomes a plot point when Bertie gets imprisoned on the yacht and has to escape

starts with aFashion Showfor the main charactersfur coat companybeing held aboard her husbands yacht. After he is murdered, she learns the company is in worse trouble than she thought after the boat is repossessed.

, Tracy invites everyone to his yacht for a party. Only it turns out the yacht is not his, and everyone is arrested for trespassing.

have a yacht that features in the first half of the first season, most notably as the place where Gob is living whenever hes estranged from his girlfriend. Michael keeps trying to sell it to help relieve some of the familys financial burden, and Gob features it in a magicillusionin which he pledges to make it disappear.

He simply sinks it, although he assures Michael that theyll still get the money out of its insurance.

kicks off the entire plot with the sinking of the rich protagonists dads yacht.

episode Sucker Punch, claims in his infomercial that he came to America on a boat, and now I

The second one may be true, but hes really from Danville, California and affects a Chinese accent to attract customers.

: In one of the interviews with Bill Burr, when discussing the doping scandal:

: And those guys who run that filthy sport, who were sitting there going like, Oh, this is absolutely, this is ridiculous, he doesnt represent cycling, are they going to return all the money that they made off of that guy? Huh, they gonna turn in their yachts? Theyre not gonna.

. He owns a modest houseboat… and little else. He cant even afford to keep it in the marina, so he just leaves it in a parking lot and lives inside. Eventually the others collect enough money to get the boat to dock, but the moment it hits the water it sinks.

: Lady Granthams brother Harold Levinson is aMillionaire Playboywhose primary pastime is yachting. As his mother put it:

is yachts. Bigger yachts, faster yachts. Something with yachts.

feature yacht-owning haoles as victims and/or bad guys of the week.

: Zoeys (ex) husband George Van Smoot loves boats. He even dubs himself The Captain.

: It is mentioned, in Wedding Bell Blues, when Bud and Harriets future in-laws meets that her wealthy father owns a yacht.

: When Brady and Boomer were arguing about each others spending habits, Boomer called Brady out for having a yacht collection. Brady told Boomer to stop at this point because, as Kings, they might take the arguing way further otherwise.

: During a flashback from when Wes and Eric were Prep School students, a rich kid invited Wes to a yacht party. Wes declined because Eric wasnt invited.

episode Collateral Damage, Lenny Duc claims in his infomercial that he came to America on a tiny boat, and now I own

boat! We never actually get to see the big boat, and it may be as fictional as the tiny boat (Lenny later admits he actually came to America in an airplane).

Despite focusing on a low-income family, Showtimes

has featured several yachts: Jasminessugar daddyheld a yacht party, and Steves father-in-law, a Brazilian drug lord, also owns a yacht.

: Although his boat isnt incredibly big or luxurious, Tonys

still qualifies as a small yachtand as a successful capo and then Underboss and Acting Boss of the family, hes definitely quite well-off. Hes still clearlyNouveau Riche, thoughStugots is a working-class pronunciation of the Italian insult

: Kirby once said all he knew about International Law was about tiger importation and yacht parties.

, internationalDiabolical MastermindMel Profitt lives on a mega-yacht big enough to sport its own helipad.

Quite common inGlam Rapmusic videos, in which the rapper will be seen partying aboard a yacht to show how rich and successful he has become.

Comedy groupThe Lonely Islandparodied this with Im on a Boat, in which the members of the group are partying aboard a yacht with rapper T-Pain.

, one sign of Irenes upper-class lifestyle is her familys possession of a yacht. When the less affluent characters meet up in a graveyard, she questions- without irony- why they couldnt have hired a yacht instead.

characters are defined by their enormous fortunes and equally enormous, super-opulent ships. Although unlike most examples on this page, the ship isnt functioning as a pure money sink: the general economys so awful there are incredible fortunes to be made for the few permitted to trade outside the Imperiums influence, but outside that inflouence it takes an enormous and powerful ship to survive as a trader… and Imperium tech assumes super-opulent is a necessary prerequisite for expensively powerful.

. Which Kokoro can just casually book for herself and her friends and then set sail on it on the same day. Said cruise features a casino, a gift shop, and a restaurant where the chefs will make

: Subverted with Bryce Montrose – despite being a member of the club and making contacts there, his family is the only family at Golf and Yacht Club without a boat.

: At one point in the story, youll find yourself in need of ocean-based transport. One of your options is a Majestic Pleasure Yacht, currently in the possession of one Mr Apples, a Master of the Bazaar, known for (among other things) a love of gambling. Actually winning it off him isThat One Sidequest the final test is three simultaneous dice rolls against your Watchful, your Persuasive, and yourluck. You need to bring a small fortune in rare items just to be allowed to try, and if you lose

of the three rolls, you lose a sizable chunk of that fortune. The playerbase generally agrees that if you really want the Yacht, youre far better off justpaying 20 Fate (a bit under $5)to get it in one go.

, Tommy attends a yacht party thrown by Colonel Cortez and attended by Vice Citys rich and famous.

had one, which Jimmy sold to pay off some drug dealers. Michael and Franklin manage to save Jimmy, but the yacht is taken away. Michael never did use it anyway – he confesses to Franklin that he only had it as a symbol of status, just to look at it.

become one with your own Super Yacht, which you can use as a mobile offshore mansion. Of course, the yachts are very expensive to buy and maintain and, true to form, the online catalogue descriptions mock you for even glancing at anything other than the largest, most expensive model.

Id like to buy a gigantic Super Yacht, but the budget option will be fine, said no one

: The last mission of the main story of the first game begins with Alderman Hughes inviting Playa to his private yacht for a meeting.

mentions during one discussion for the Manta Maria stage that the ship itself was given to her on her sixth birthday.

Princess Daisy owns a luxury cruise ship known as The Daisy Cruiser. It has appeared as a race course in

, and can also be seen in the background of other courses from Double Dash!! and onwards. It also appears as an unlockable baseball stadium in

. Its even been known as one of (if not) the first racetracks dedicated to her.

, heir and daughter to the owner of Rochefort Enterprises, has an enormous yacht. In

she argues with her teammate Asuka why they dont just use it to get to the South Pole (where the games centralMacGuffinis located), and Asuka replies That would be like painting an massive target on our backs.

: Obtaining a yacht is a mark of considerable status in Torn City and even unlocks an award for anyone who manages to get one.

parody of theSham Wowinfomercials, Lance Bass demonstrated the many different things you could wipe with your ShamWow – Wipe your car, wipe your boat, wipe your RV, wipe your

:Rising Income Inequality Causing Wealthy Americans To Take On Second Sailboat

is one now, and conducts his arms deals from its cabin, which has a pool of alligators.

Skorpio, an extremely fancy and opulent yacht filled with all sorts of amenities.

For Real short,Harryhas anImagine Spotabout being rewarded with a yacht for finding an old ladys diamond. He does find the diamond…

In an early episode, Peter wins a boatwhichhe trades infor aMystery Box.

A boats a boat, but a Mystery Box could be anythingit could even be a boat! And you know how much Ive wanted one of those.

Peters wealthy father-in-law, Carter, also has at least one yacht at his disposal, as shown in several episodes.

Duchess de la Roche, the wealthy female robot Bender dates in the

episode A Flight to Remember. She doesnt just

:Rhonda Wellington Lloydand her parents, Buckley and Brooke, come fromhistorically wealthy families, and it was mentioned in one episode that before Rhondas parents got married, Buckley owned

yachtsalthough Buckley had to sell one of them to pay for his and Brookes multi-continent honeymoon.

: Arthur Underhill has a yacht named Piper (after his ex-wife).

episode Yachtsa Luck, Waldo invites Darla aboard

of his fathers yachts, unaware that two pirates have robbed the treasure chest thereon.

episode Hare Brush, Elmer Fudd is a millionaire who owns a mansion and a yacht. This becomes a hypnotic mantra a psychologist has him repeat after he has a mental breakdown and thinks hes a rabbit.

Actually, Elmer escaped and the psychologist hypnotizesBugs Bunnyinto thinking hes Elmer. In the end, its implied that Elmer was

faking his insanity to escape being sent to prison by theIntimidating Revenue Service

Homer and Marge go to a seminar on money management, presented by a man who (claims he) got a luxury yacht real cheap because it smells like cat pee.

In another episode, while Homer is house-sitting for Mr. Burns, Homer throws a big party for his friends on Burns yacht. They get attacked byRuthless Modern Pirates.

, Squillium Fancyson, Squidwards rival whos filthy rich and twice as arrogant as Squidward is, says he owns a private yacht as well as a private lake, a private heliport, and a private island.

; when Greg becomes a millionaire, he opts to only briefly rent a boat, regarding the idea of purchasing it as a wasteful extravagance.

Double Subvertedwhen he laments that hell need to pay the full cost of it anyway after a Gem battle sinks it.

:Lex Luthorhad a yacht in the episode where he turned John Corben into Metallo.

When theDream Teamwent to the Olympics in 1992, they were invited by Miami Heat owner Micky Arison to spend the day on his yacht, but then found out the air conditioning was out on his yacht, so he was bringing over his

writer Jack McCallum, That was a valuable day for me, a lesson in life. The difference between being rich and being wealthy. The man had a

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