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Wealthy young woman drives Maserati drunk, kills 2 in fiery crash at stoplight

The 23-year-old had been fond of posting photos of her expensive jewelry and shoes online

Video of a deadly drunk driving accident involving a young wealthy woman at the wheel of a Maserati has recently set the Chinese internet alight.

The incidentoccurredon Wednesday night in the Henan city of Yongcheng after the 23-year-old woman surnamed Tan and her two friends concluded a boozy late-night dinner at a local barbeque restaurant.

On the streets of Yongcheng, Tan drove extremely erratically, scrapping her vehicle against no fewer than eight other cars before being stopped by pedestrians.

However, Tan sped away from the scene only to soon slam into a BMW that was waiting at a stoplight. The force of the collision launched the BMW ten meters ahead into the intersection and caused it to burst into flames.

Two male passengers inside the BMW were killed while two others including the driver were badly burned. Tan and her two companions were also injured in the crash.

After video of the crash hit Chinese social media, details of Tans identity and background began to emerge and anger net users.

It turns out that Tan is a recent college graduate who comes from a wealthy family that owns a business selling donkey-hide gelatin, an important ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine.

Online, Tan liked to flaunt her wealth, posting photos of her expensive shoe collection and boasting of her luxury cars. Those posts have since been deleted, replaced with one that simply reads: Drink but dont drive. Drive but dont drink.

Tan and her two friends have been arrested on charges of endangering public safety.

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© 2005-2018Shanghaiist- China in bite-sized portions!