The Wealth Academy is an ever-growing library of brief, educational videos about investing, personal finance, and the pinnacle of wealth attainment: living a life rich in the things money cant buy.

The Wealth Academy traces its roots to a syndicated radio show I hosted for many years that ended in 2010 (The Rich Life with Bill Valentine). The show was based on the idea that rather than stock tips, investors needed to better understand the fundamentals of investing, what types of information they could trust and not trust, and just how much outdated information there is out there. The Wealth Academy picks up where the radio show left off.

The videos are produced at my investment firm, Valentine Ventures, by me and my team. We do not ask anything from you in order to watch these videos, except perhaps your feedbackif we can do new video for you, or do the ones we do better. If you want to be kept apprised of the videos being added to the Academy (along with our other informative content), be sure and sign up for our Weekly Update in the top, right corner of this website.

Thank you and we hope you like what weve done.