Adam Khoo is one the the best speakers. His classes were interactive , simplified and easy to understand. I am proud to say I am equipped with the right mindset , skills and confidence to reach to different situations. Risk management is a must!

Best lesson learnt was that personal temperament management is the biggest key to trading success. Many times the pursuit of quick wins results in the biggest losses.

Attended the course and this is the first course I really felt value for money. Not only just to attend the course but there are additional channel to assist when you finish the course. It made me have a clearly picture to understand about investment and trading. Do come for the course and look forward for financial freedom!!!!

Very interactive and interesting workshop. The speaker is very engaging and keeps you interested and listening to learn about the useful skill of investing! Good decision to join the workshop without any regret!

Learn a lot. Thanks. I will recommend more people to joined . I will continue to support. Learning how to control my stop loss trading have me tremendously not to made the mistake I have done previously.

As a complete beginner to investing, I was worried I would not be able to understand or lag behind at some points but Adam was a great teacher! He simplified investing and trading with interesting analogies, stories, case studies. Cant wait to apply what I learnt in Wealth Academy!

If I read enough finance books, can I become like Adam Khoo without going to school to learn?

Jonathan Chia Guangrong, Fund Manager at JCG Fund

Most not really. Books dont give enough information for you to start trading on a serious enough level. May give you some concepts but not a specialised system to profit consistently. Likely need to trial and error with a lot of tuition fees paid to the market if you wanna go the book route. Going through an investment workshop on the other hand will allow much faster understanding of the system used and theres also guidance.

Adam Khoo is a Wealth and Success Coach, Professional Stocks Investor and Best-Selling Author. Over the last 20 years, he has trained over half a million people to achieve excellence and success in their lives.