Guys, Why would a rich guy date a non rich woman?

Met this REALLY wealthy guy, has his own business, his dad is a Multi- Billionnaire, hes hooked up with & met celebrities, models, his friends are influential people in government, business, entertainment etc. He hangs out with men and a lot of women who are daughters of the wealthy & has NO shortage of girls he can be with, hes in his late 20s, good looking and tall. We had 6 dates, deep conversations and opened up about his painful past. I disappeared for a few weeks bc I didnt hear from him after our last date but then he reaches out and wanted to know why I never reached out how he thinks about me & his friends ask what happened to me… long story short we hang out again, he opens up more and is vulnerable with me and doesnt try to have sex with me but cuddles me literally ALL night as we sleep.

Im just wondering why if he hangs out with all these elite women and wealthy women. Why does he even care if I disappeared? Im not wealthy, just a normal woman. Why would he waste his time with me?Updates:Follow00ShareGuys, Why would a rich guy date a non rich woman?4

Well, I am happy you are morally honest with us and dont think about trying to take advantage of his money.

And to answer, love transcends everything. Fun fact. Its really true. It doesnt matter what it is, if a person is in love, they can overlook everything about their crush which others may consider a dealbreaker.

I would never use him for his money, if anything it honestly intimidates me a bit. But I dont think hes in love yet though… which is why I wonder what hes doing with me

Im pretty sure rich men have to deal with a lot of women who just want them for their money. That might be pushing you away and why he prefers women who are wealthy on their own.

Huh? Hes not pushing me away, did you even read my question?

If i was rich and have the money i need then why the hell i should be with a rich girl?

You waste your time of thinking about him & try to reach him. He is honest.

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