The financial markets have been scary for a lot of us over the last 15 years. Its difficult to know where to look for good advice.

Many of us have been taken advantage of by financial salespeople and its been made clear the government will not take care of us. Its up to us to take control of our own destiny. The best way to defend against losing our hard-earned money is to arm ourselves with knowledge to help us make more informed decisions.

Our association of financial advisors formed the Retirement Wealth Academy to arm the everyday American with much-needed knowledge on retirement. We believe by educating investors on the options available and the effects each may entail, a comfortable future can be built through smarter choices.

Objectivity is paramount in every financial class

Educational material will remain current at all times

A disciplined approach focused on safety is always the primary focus

You want to learn from experience, but you want to learn from other peoples experience when you can.