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om bogatSee examples translated byom înstărit

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om înstăritSee examples translated bybărbat bogat

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bărbat bogatSee examples translated bybogătaș

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bogătașSee examples translated bybărbat înstărit

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bărbat înstăritSee examples translated byom avut

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om avutSee examples translated byom prosper

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om prosperOther translationsIm awealthy manand Lebanon is a dangerous country.Ascultă-mă, sunt unom bogatși Libanul este un loc periculos.Theres nothing wrong with being married to awealthy man.Nu e nimic în neregulă cu a fi casatorita cu unom bogat.Bumpy Johnson just made me a verywealthy man.Bumpy Johson tocmai m-a făcut unom înstărit.And when he comes back hes become thiswealthy man.Iar când se întoarce, devenise unom înstărit.Least of all awealthy man.Mai ales nu cu unbărbat bogat.Hes a very romanticwealthy man.Este unbărbat bogatfoarte romantic.I am not awealthy man.Eu nu sunt unom bogat.But Mr. Fabians awealthy man.Dar dl Fabian e unom bogat.I was adopted by awealthy manin Ohio.Și am fost adoptat de unom bogatdin Ohio. Deținea un parc de distracții.I was adopted by awealthy manin Ohio.Și am fost adoptat de unom bogatdin Ohio.Well, Barclay was awealthy man.Ei bine, Barclay a fost unom înstărit.Youll end up awealthy man.O să fii unom bogat.Well, Im awealthy man.Ei bine, sunt unom înstărit.He was… awealthy man.El a fost… unom bogat.And Angelos now awealthy man, so he got what he wanted.Iar Angelo e acum unom bogat, așa că și el a obținut ce a vrut.Youre awealthy manbut you are no corporation.Ești unom bogat, dar sunteți nici o corporație.Your grandfather must have been a verywealthy man.Probabil bunicul tău era unom bogat.He claims to be awealthy man.Pretinde că e unom bogat.The Prince of Castille is awealthy man, Joan.Prințul de Castilia este unom bogat.Youre awealthy mannow.Ai devenit unom bogatacum.Possibly inappropriate contentUnlockExamples are used only to help you translate the word or expression searched in various contexts. They are not selected or validated by us and can contain inappropriate terms or ideas. Please report examples to be edited or not to be displayed. Rude or colloquial translations are usually marked in red or orange.Register to see more examplesNo results found for this meaning.Suggest an exampleDisplay more examples

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