So why does everyone seem to hate the wealthy?

Simple – politicians point their fingers at the wealthy as the enemy of whom we less fortunate are all victims and must be protected…protected by liberal politicians. Imagine that. People who buy into that mentality are tools, idiots!

Most people who our government categorize as wealthy today got that way by working hard, sacrificing and being smart and innovative, by thinking differently than others, by spending their free time working on things instead of playing, trying to solve problems, improve things we all use…

Ever watch the TV show Shark Tank? The people who appear on that show to present their ideas and dreams to the Sharks…those are our future wealthy. That kind of person is who we have to thank for most of the amazing innovative products we all use and love and take for granted.

We owe those people a debt of gratitude. But instead, we vilify and hate them for having what we dont and for not sharing more of their wealth with us. Sad.

By the way, Im not one of them, but Im always working on it. In the mean time, I respect and admire them for their accomplishments, and appreciate the kinds of things many of them have done for humanity.

Its not about jealousy. Personally, I dont ever want to have more money than I can spend. I dont need more materials than I have. Ive learnt to be happy with the things I own.

Well, the reasons that I am prejudiced against rich people are plenty.

The rich people Ive met are stuck up and they believe that everything can be bought with their money.

Plus, they are always so eager to rub other peoples faces in what they own and what other people lack. They judge other people according to the things they own, the way they dress, eat and act.

Plenty of rich people have earned their money by doing illegal activities and even those who earned more money than they can spend by working hard, they end up being corrupted individuals. Ive seen it before. Money can easily corrupt a human being by bringing out his negative self.

There may be exceptions, but thats what Ive noticed generally. Sorry If I am offending anyone.

Its not that I hate rich people, I just hate most rich celebrities, footballers are the worst, how much do they get for playing a freaking football game, come on if I wanted to I could play football and get rich that way. Football used to be something you had fun with, so what the f*** happened to it, and the most annoying part is the economy is going to sh*t in most places and the bastards cant let others have even a small sum of their stash.

thats what really pisses me of, not rich people in general but rich people who dont help out and get rich in the most bullsh*t ways

No offence but rich people have tormented me for as long as I can remember. Since my dad left us its been me and my mom. Almost everybody likes to laugh at you when youre the poor kid. So obviously I have a certain hatred towards rich people and how most of them never care about the less fortunate. Also rich kids at school brag a lot when they are actually doing everything from their parents money. I was really mad because this year I had a very important milestone exam . Somehow our f***ing government leaked the papers and sold them for roughly 80$ . I couldnt buy them but every other kid with money and no hard work got them and aced the exam.

So its people like us who have been tormented by wealthy people hate them. Though my hate is only towards the rich bastards who did things to me. Some of people like me hate everybody whos rich.

I want to be rich or have stable job in the future cause I dont want to have any of these problems in the future.

I dont hate the wealthy. Some are snobs/stuck up but some are really nice, giving, humble people. They have the same attributes of people today just minus the money.

I think it is mostly because the handful of people who got rich through immoral or illegal means are the only ones we hear about so many people assume that is the only way anyone gets rich.

On here? Most people on here are young and come from poverty or a poor background.

i think some people do because they think wealthy people are stuck up or uptight about everything

Because theyre jealous of the success. Theyre also unsatisfied with their own lives.

I hate braggers and snobs. I have money and never was a jerk but my family always thought they were better than others from having money. Money aint jack

Probably because a lot of loud voices have made the public think of rich as synonymous for greedy & dirty.

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