Long story short. I have this friend who is an escort and I did need some money for my family, desperately. Dont judge please.

Im still a virgin, so I met with her agent and she arranged something. One time thing and a lot of money for one weekend.

Unexpectedly the guy wasnt old an weird. He was actually quite good looking, clearly wealthy and not ancient (36).

I was just wondering, why on earth would a guy like that pay for it? Im sure he can sleep with a lot of girls.

And then secondly, we didnt even have sex. We talked, he asked a lot about why I did this, cuddled a bit , but that was it.

I was so nervous the whole time, because I was waiting for it, but it didnt happen. Im so confused by that? Why? Did he like forget or something?

And then afterwards he said we should go out for a coffee sometime?

I dont know is that common courtesy? I just dont get any of it.

Btw, I wouldnt do it again or recommend it to anyone. Was the worst weekend of my life. Im really really glad we didnt actually do it.

And also prostitution is legal here in case anyone wonderedUpdates:Follow00ShareWhy would a good looking, wealthy guy pay for sex?182

The idea that men that pay for hos are all evil, disgusting, weirdos is just myth spread by the anti prostitution lobby. I have a friend who did it and she told me that most of the men were totally normal, but a little shy

But that gets down to the matter. The number one thing you need as a man to be romantically sucessful is charm. If you dont have charm you have a hard time being truly romantically successful.

Another problem is as a rich guy, he probably has a lot of fake romantic success, in other word women who want him just for his money. If hes going to pay for it anyway, he might as well do it on his terms right? thats where you come in.

Ive had rich guys tell me this. If youre a rich guy, the most honest interaction youre likely to have with a gal is with a prostitute. Theyre honest about wanting your money. And at least your garanteed to get what you want out of it, whether its chatting or sex

If sex was never the point, why wouldnt he go for a cheaper option. It being my first time did cost him a lot of money, whether it happened or not?

He was charming alright. Im sure loads of girls would love to be with him

Ive watched a few animes / read mangas about this sort of thing and hes absolutely right. Its more or less paying for a friend / using money to get what you want. etc. because people often use that person just for his money. Most of the time its someone who has been hurt by someone in the past.

If hes obviously rich, he probably cant even talk to a woman without her getting interested in his money.

Or maybe he can but, if hes rich, then he doesnt mind spending a lot of money chatting to a girl hes never met before

Maybe he could relax around you because he knew he was going to get what he wanted, in other word not fail. But OK maybe he is charming. But that still doesnt solve the fact that hes rich and likely to attract women who just want him for his money. in that case might as well do it on his own terms

Fear of failure makes men scared and uncharming

I wish I get paid for just having a talk with him without the sex.

Loneliness. I think the Sex is an extra bonus, if he feels like it but he wont force it happen if youre not comfortable about it.

Second reason could be he knows youre not sexually experienced. No hot wild sex there that goes on for long hours.

It wasnt as easy as it sounds. I was expecting to have sex the whole time and I was really scared. As I said, I wouldnt do it again

Well idk, but he knew I was a virgin before we met, so he should have known that Im not experienced

Hes not going to force you into it if you are freaked out by it.

First off, dont ever do that again. No matter how much money you need. You were a whore, who didnt lose her virginity.

I am desperate for money, sometimes. I have been homeless before. I used to sell drugs. I used to steal. No matter how desperate I get, I do not do these things any more. It is better to have your heart and live in a dumpster, than have a temporary fill of money, and be dead inside. Do not do it again. For anyone.

Second, the man was a gentleman. I believe, as a virgin, you exude a fear, and an innocence. What was left of his heart saw it, sensed it, and did not want to take advantage of it.

He has a lot going on on his mind, his heart, and his soul, to pay to sleep with you, and even to meet with you. It is NOT a good thing. It IS a good thing he did not take you.

He didnt forget to do anything. He wants to get to know you, better. Sex with you would not have been fun for him, as a cheap thrill, because you likely would have been in pain, and hed be taking something you can never give to anyone else, ever. Perhaps he wants to get to know you a little before he took it from you.

Either way, you should only be giving it to your husband.

Please, consider keeping your body pure, and valuing it above money. I think this is a good reason why prostitution shouldnt be legal.

Men like this are surrounded by fake romance and gold diggers constantly, they get tired of it. Sometimes they just want to have a simple conversation.

When a man like this hires a prostitute, he knows she has just business attitude towards him, shes not going to pretend she likes him in order to get him as a boyfriend or something even worse (like getting pregnant on purpose to take half of what he has through child support) etc. Therefore these men see prostitutes as more sincere types of women regardless of what they do for the living. I believe that guy deep down inside is very lonely although hes rich and handsome. I guess since youre inexperienced (in both sex and prostitution) you acted differently than experienced hookers do, so thats why he saw you more as a human and decided to just have a chat.

They pay for it because they can afford to pay for it. Poor guys cant afford to pay for it and wanting to get coffee with you might be a sign he wants to get sex from you for free later on. DONT LOST YOUR VIRGINITY TO A GUY WHO PAYS FOR IT!!! Wait for somebody you love and want to spend the rest of your life with.

Well obviously your agency was quite high end.

These guys are wealthy and probably go through an intake.

They trust the women to be clean, beautiful and discrete.

You dont pay a prostitute only for sex, you also pay a prostitute to leave when asked.

These women he could easily pick up in bars… They probably are too much hassle to his liking.

You were nice company and he could obviously afford it to not have sex with you.

Sounds like a good guy. Maybe he could tell you were new and he was empathetic towards that. He obviously wanted you to be comfortable and was considerate. I know I wouldnt want to have sex with a girl that was just freaked out of her mind at the very thought of it.

well idk, maybe he knew what he bought, why change his mind?

Like I said, he didnt know youd be scared so much. He wanted to but it probably seemed more like rape than sex to put it in perspective.

It avoids having to put in the effort of seducing women.

Its essentially like an upgraded version of masturbation.

I have no idea, maybe he could sense your nervousness and took pity on you or maybe he realized you didnt seem like your typical escort, liked you and he was actually interested in maybe having a real relationship with you instead of just an awkward, one-off quickie.

just wanted companionship. he likes the idea of paying a woman just to hang out. he probably can have sex without paying for it but it may be fun for him just to be in the company of a woman from time to time

Because there was no chance of him or you getting the wrong idea. He wanted uncomplicated companionship for a little while, with sex being an option if he felt like it, without having to charm it out of you.

There was no way you or he could think there was anything else going on, once money exchanged hands.

I just still dont really get it. Me having sex for the first time was part of the deal and he paid a lot of money for it. So Im just not catching up on why he didnt want to have sex?

And also why he would ask me out for coffee afterwards?

That wasnt a real offer, just something hed say out of habit most likely.

And as I said, he wanted uncomplicated companionship, with the possibility of sex. Maybe once you arrived he wasnt sexually attracted to you.

well there were pictures, but if he wasnt, well thank god, there are upsides to not being attractive

You can have all those qualities and still be shy and socially awkward around Women. Most men that pay for sex are not Herbert the pervert old weirdos.

Most of them are just very emotionally unfulfilled or desperate an insecure.

A good number of them are married actually but usually have a controlling or emotionally distant wife that isnt satisfying their needs.

I dunno, well he might have been married, and typically prostitutes are good at keeping secrets.

Also, you were clearly giving off a very innocent vibe, which Im sure was pretty attractive and maybe made him not want to take advantage of you.

So thats why he didnt want to do it after all?

Maybe, Im willing to go out on a limb and say that he might have been uncomfortable with sleeping with a prostitute, and you probably werent very sexually bold to help him be less nervous haha. Not that you should have

It wasnt the first time for him. The agent said that he was a regular

I think thats a good idea. I would like to try it, paying a girl with out touching her, pretty awesome.. 🙂

I dont know maybe a challenge or maybe for fun.

Maybe hes married or in a relationship but wants to have an emotional affair and this is the most discrete way to do it

Have you ever seen that Julia Roberts movie Pretty Woman? Lol

I actually have not. Only the beginning and it was boring. why?

Idk. It just sounds a lot like your situation.

I understand why but I might have a hard time explaining it:P lol

He probably thought he wanted easy sex. And paying for an escort is a surefire way to get it. But in the end he only wanted to be close to someone. It makes sense. You can be wealthy but still lonely.

For the same reason you wont go for coffee with him.

Speaking from my experience- I dont want an unattractive women, so it takes a lot of time and money to have sex. We need to get on together, which means going out for a drink.

This is a risk because she might say Oh, Im in the process of splitting from my man who is in Australia or something = more time, I have to change the topic, persuade Im the best for her etc… I could just be out having a beer in this time. A week of calls and texts go by and I get to kiss the girl… big woop- Im doing what I first did decades ago…

Money- I dont mean Im buying her presents – just travel and drinks, food etc. all adds up. My last girl I worked out I could have had a good holiday instead (or, as the guy in your case, paid for it)., or bought I high bike tour de France style.

Say I manage to have sex with this girl, after meeting and being checked by her friends, possibly family etc (there is the chance they hate me, call my a player or not good enough or a loser, too rich or too something or rather… not right for her – more delays here)… and then… guess what… it turns out I am much more sexually experienced and she is the opposite. I dont enjoy the sex and Ive lost a month of my life and no time for work. Then she says I love you … LOL!

And dont even get me started on marriage, mortgages two cars and the rest of it…

So, with all due respect, this is why a good looking, wealthy guy would pay for sex. I hope this answers your question 🙂

Im not sure if I wold go out if he called. Havent thought about it much

So youre saying getting a real girlfriend is too much work?

Every guy is different, but I have heard this opinion in different forms very often from guys who are able to attract girls. (Some guys just cant or have not been with many).

Im not saying getting a real girlfriend is too much work, otherwise there would be no relationship at all! 😀

I would just say there are a lot of visual distractions, – p*rn or just normal TV. -visual. Another e. g. is a friend of mine obsessed with moving to South America. So now he is not trying to get a girlfriend anymore at home.

Thats why, when a girlfriend asks me (indirectly) what they are doing wrong, I just say – Concentrate on your looks and being sexy because at the end of the day, men want their women to beat or be even better than what they see elsewhere- on TV, South America etc. No use complaining unless we can reverse globalisation, technological revolution or go repressive society. A lot of women hate this and I understand, but it IS possible to win – many women are winning..

Hes different, theres something deeper there I think. He couldve had sex with you and gotten away with it, but he chose not to. Theres something deeper there.

But why would he pay for it in the first place? Why not just get a girlfriend or talk to his sister?

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