Long blooming period makes it a good pollinator. Heavy and early producer. Tends toward biennial bearing. Parentage: Seedling of Cherry Crabapple. Introduced / discovered in 1860.

Shape features – Slightly, broadly, obscurely ribbed

Shape uniformity – Lack Uniformity in size & shape

Shape uniformity – Uniform in size, Variable in shape

Bultitude apple group – 4. Flushed / striped, smooth, dessert / dual-purpose

Calyx / Sepals – Description – Green with brown tips

Calyx / Sepals – Description – Partially Open

Russet details – Radiating, stellate, rays, stripes

Skin color (when ripe) – White to Greenish to Green

Skin color (when ripe) – Yellow (+/or) Green with some Red (+/or) Pink

Skin blush (color) – Scarlet, Carmine (red orange)

Skin blush (color) – Red to Deep Red into Dark Purple

Skin waxy or greasy – No waxiness or greasiness present

Stripes (color) – Scarlet, Carmine (red orange)

Stem cavity (russet) – Concentric lines of russet

Stem cavity (russet) – Leather-cracked, thick russet looking cracked

Stem cavity (russet) – Russet rays extening out from stem cavity

Stem cavity (russet) – Yellow to Golden Brown Russet

Stem Cavity (protruberances) – Furrows, Corrugated

Stem Cavity (slope to stem) – Steep, Acuminate slope

Stem Cavity (slope to stem) – Acute, Medium Slope

Stem Cavity (top view orientation) – Oblique – slanted to one side

Stem Cavity (top view orientation) – Symmetrical

Stem Cavity (top view width) – Moderate, Medium width

Basin (side view slope to eye) – Tight, Acuminate

Basin (side view slope to eye) – Tight to medium slope

Basin (side view slope to eye) – Acute, Regular, Medium slope

Basin (protruberances) – Undulate, Furrowed, Wavy, Puckered

Dots (description) – Light colored, pale, greyed

Dots (skin lenticels) – Conspicuous, prominent, distinct

Dots (skin lenticels) – Inconspicuous, not prominent

Dots (spread) – From Basin lessening toward Cavity

Flesh (texture) – Crisp, Breaking into chuncks

Only sweet flavor – Tart, sub-acid, or bitter flavor detected

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