My boyfriend is wealthy but doesnt buy me anything?

he buys himself expensive watches, games clothes, food but complains if he has ro spend on me. He bought me flowers once, he bought his ex jewellery and roses often.

Im not being petty but on the same note he has the means of affording stuff to give even if its a $1 chocolate. Ive hinted and expressed that I like flowers and he says I know but doesnt bother getting me anything.

I go out and buy groceries to cook for him home meals because I know he preferes this over take out or resturants. I dont want thousands spent on me even if he got me something simple or wrote a note or picked flowers for me.

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Id say he thinks of you as a gap filler. Until his ex comes back or until he finds someone better. Otherwise hed be more considerate and attentive. Though I was well off as a child I rarely used that money. Instead I did other things with it and part of the money I earned. Id make things for people. Both friends and sometimes strangers but that is how I am. I was trying to be compassionate to the strangers and for those I knew I was trying to be thoughtful in something I hand made for them. Sometimes the items werent expensive. Other times I did buy something pricey. But you cant put a price on a persons personality and caring. Thats worth more than a $80 florist bouquet that could buy a (low income) single person a chunk of their monthly groceries. The flowers are beautiful of course and nice but you can make your own or do something else thoughtful like make someone homemade chocolates. Thats not saying that buying someone their favourite something now and then isnt good.

But in what you describe here his attitude to you is yea yea whatever.. meaning its not the money or cost its the effort. Which is why I think hes treating you as a filler until something for him changes. Which can be insensitive enough to warrant them not even being friend material.

Spoiling girl too much is bad. He probably realized that with his ex so hes taking it to extreme. Nothing to extreme is good tell him that. He shouldnt buy you costly jewelry and stuff like that but buying you flowers and treating you to dinner is must. Tell him that.

He has probabaly dealt with a lot of gold diggers his ex being one of them. I understand the flowers/note but why are you entitled to take his money? I think you are more than capable of buying your own shit.

I am wealthy. I have bought one of my gfs a car and often just pay for things, like rent, school books, or such. But I dont get into the flowers or brand name purses or shoes because I dont see the value in it myself.

First, is that if he does not have the money to spend on you, then he isnt wealthy. If he does and chooses not to, then there are other priorities, such as buying rental houses or farmland in my case.

What it sounds like is that he is simply not romantic. He doesnt want those little things that you do, and therefore cannot understand why it would matter to you. If he did buy expensive things for his ex and not for you, then consider that a compliment, that he believes you see him for a person not as an ATM.

Not everyone does romantic gestures. It doesnt mean a person doesnt care. It could mean the person is more secure in the relationship that doesnt require those things to keep the relationship together.

I understand that, i dont think most people need flowers to keep the relationship together, its just a sweet gesture to show you were thinking of them.

Well it is his money so he is able to spend it on what he wants. I understand that you would like him to show he cares for you in some way but it is fully his choice if he spends his money on you. The fact that you are upset that he doesnt spend money on you says something about you. Sounds like you care more about what he can buy for you over other things which isnt good. In all honesty if I found out my girlfriend was complaining about me not spending money on her I wouldnt have her as my girlfriend much longer.

It is possible that one of the contributing factors of her becoming his ex is because she always wanted money spent on her. Now he probably wants to see if you will be the same way. If you just dont ask for stuff and dont complain, then after a year once he realizes that you arent with him for money, then hell probably get you stuff.

My ex was always wanting jewelry and stuff like that (which is one of the reasons why I left her) and now if someone asks me for that stuff, I usually associate it with my exs behavior and like them less.

If youre equating how much he values you (literally) in comparison to how much he valued his ex based on something like how much money he spends..

Thats not good. You should voice your concerns to him. Though do remember that hes your boyfriend, not your father or sugar daddy.

Since hes very open to buy things for other people, but he isnt specifically for you, it sounds to me that he isnt that much into you, sorry.

I have been in the other side, been the one who doesnt buy things, and the reason was I wasnt sure about committing to the girl.

Remember that the purpose of dating is finding someone who likes you as you are, whos a natural fit to you.

No, chances are hes been burned by gold diggers for a long time. Hes likely done the shower her with presents bit and found that it turned a lot of his exes (who are exes for a reason) into green-eyed gold diggers. Theres more to a relationship than getting gifts. Its one thing if you want him to be romantic, you can talk to him about that, but I dont think anybody in this day in age is going to take you seriously if you have an issue with your guy not buying you presents.

Time to make an evaluation about the relation. He is clearly the dominating guy and you should be the girl that has to be nice and be happy if she gets something. If that is your life, no problem, otherwise…

Buying things for your boyfriend/girlfriend every once in a while is nice.. it shows you were thinking about them and wanted to get them something special. I honestly dont know, if he cant at least get you some flowers then I would just stop cooking for him until he gets it lol He probably be like why you never cook anymore.. then you can say why you never get flowers or chocolates. lol Then you can go from there.

Nothing? Like, not even during your birthday or Christmas?

I dont know, Im not one who expects gifts even during my birthday or Christmas but itd be nice if he got you at least some chocolates or flowers if its your birthday or something.

No I dont think he values his ex more. Some women are gold diggers and perhaps his ex was a gold digger. Hes probably testing the water to see if youre a gold digger by not spending any money on you and seeing if youll stick around anyway.

Your a grown woman you can buy your own things. Having pride and self respect cant be bought no matter how wealthy.

Have you thought about getting a job. Usually thats what people do to get things they want to acquire. It sounds to me like he doesnt want a prostitute, and youre striving hard to become one. Its a mismatch.

Hard to say. This is probably best brought up directly with him. No beating around the bush, you have to tell him how you feel about it and listen to what he feels as well.

maybe he spoiled his ex too much so now he does not want to spoil you too much so he does not spoil you at all.

If he is affectionate, appreciates you, values you as a girlfriend then why gifts and money is a problem?

He probably senses what kind of person you are. Youre being petty

He values her more. also, he doesnt want you to be a gold digger and doesnt want you to expect expensive stuff.

And how will he stay wealthy if he starts spending and I am sorry honestly he is just using you

He isnt using her, it is she that wants to use him.

@WalterRadiotell me man, if you care about someone will you not buy her stuffs!.. I am not saying buy her expensive jewelry or designer clothes!.. But some signs of affection are the evidence to affection

I bought one of my old girlfriends a new car, if that is what you mean.

There are two types of women: Those who like rich men and those who like rich mens money. I am rich, and I have learned to tell the difference.

@WalterRadioI like 20, and not stupid to even doubt your experience and knowledge

You seem like a simple down to earth girl, you just want him to do simple things for you to show that he cares, well let him know how you feel instead of hinting it

No hes testing you to see if youre a gold digger.

Dont expect him to buy you stuff just because he has money… dont buy him stuff either.

Maybe he regrets having spent so much money on a girl meanwhile?

Just because he is rich doesnt mean he should give you gifts. Grow up

Just because your weathy doesnt mean you have a lot of cash on hand on paper Im worth 15 million but most of the time a dont have more then $2000 I can actually spend

Is that in properties, stock and business, if you dont mind me asking?

Me any my brother inhearted my grandpa farm and tow truck company plus a own a few properties if my own so it breaks down 5.6 million in equitment 5 million in business and the rest in property but each of them I have a lot of expensise and but I make about $45 000 a month profit but it gets reinvested as I am slowly buying my brother out of his shares plus I have money in savings and some in venture capital with friends companies so I definitely could have more but 2000 is what I allow myself to spend but If I think its worth it I will definitely splurge I bought my girlfriend a $17000 engagement ring and I drive a nice truck and I set up a $100 000 scholarship for 5 kids from the local community highs school to go to college each year

wow.. women are so materialistic.. if you think a relationship is built on how much money is spent, then youre not old enough to be in one

either he is testing u or…0… he is testing u

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