I have seen average built and facial beauty people manage to do so, how come? Can any one tell the secret so as to how to do that? Be practical and serious and no jokes please. Looking forward for good suggestions specially from ladies.

I agree with Cracker Jack, lay it on her like no one else in bed.

Also, give her all of your attention by gifts or even cute poems.

Remind her how beautiful she is and that she is your everything.

A woman is willing to do anything for a man she thinks she is his world.

Most men who marry already wealthy women have lots to offer in the way of their own education, charm, wit, and intelligence.

Women of wealth either inherited themselves, or they and a former husband worked their socks off earning and saving.

So, often she is looking for someone lots like her ex, or her father.

These men are trim, fit, and hold good jobs, though not necessarily well paying ones.

Few wealthy women are attracted to tattooed, hill billy high school biker dropouts.

Be ready to be a doormat in future.. as she may remind you that the luxuries you are enjoying, are not earned by you but bestowed by her.

Wealthy woman is not short cut to being happy. Every woman loves and respects a man who can stand on his own two feet and even can support her and his kids.. believe me this is true.

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